Are you getting affected by the actions of others? Are you feeling helpless about what is beyond your control? Are you unsatisfied with your achievements? Or troubled about your unfulfilled expectations? Do you want to forgive and forget but are not able to? Do you badly want to move on, stronger than ever before? Then put on your earphones and transcend into your ‘Self External Universe’ of Awareness, Consciousness, and Energy.

The second audio note of the Uplift series, the Celestial Uplift connects us with our ‘Self External Universe’, to elevate our Awareness, Consciousness, and Energy. It enables and empowers the supernatural connection of each individual with the astral, or the Super Conscious.

With the Celestial Uplift, we guide you to focus on the astral and planetary positions located within us.

These astral bodies, also known as the Navagraha, have specific vibrations in the cosmos, which relate to different aspects of life and parts of our body. Each word has a meaning and the significance lies in the meaning and its vibrations:

  • Buddha (mercury) - intellect, speech, communication, skills
  • Sukra (venus) - love, pleasure, sex, happiness, manners, vitality
  • Chandra (moon) - peace of mind, motherly, nurturing
  • Kuja/Mangala (mars) - opinion/discipline, logic
  • Raahu (north or ascending lunar node) - obsession, attachment, distorted perception,
  • psychic ability
  • Shani (Saturn) - ambition, responsibility, perseverance, capacity for hard work
  • Ketu (south or descending lunar node) - dissatisfaction, solitude, liberation
  • Guru (Jupiter) knowledge, expansion (children education) teacher, optimism
  • Surya (sun) - soul, confidence, consistency, power, self-growth, development, father