Uplift Series is a set of rejuvenating self-healing audio notes that helps individuals balance their personal, professional, and universal existence. 

Be your own guide; become your own healer. Drive yourself daily with your key to instant emotional and mental alignment. Own your peace, all you need to do is allow yourself to self-heal by tuning in to this guided series created by DRPF.

The Uplift Series is: 

  • Infused with rejuvenating Mantras, recited by the founders Nikhila Ramesh & Dr. S K Ramesh.  
  • Cradled in various energy cleansing sounds from nature and beyond. 

  • Each of the three audio notes is designed to elevate three core dimensions of existence; Physical, Mental & Emotional.

Tune in to Self Uplift, to align yourself, with your physical existence. Let the Celestial Uplift purify your intentions and your mental existence. Allow the Soul Uplift to hone your life purpose, by aligning yourself with your emotional and universal existence.  


Uplift your inner potential with this orientation audio:

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